About the Organisers

Kandara is one of the sub-counties in Murang’a county and has a vibrant youthful population. The National and County governments, Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and individual sponsors have several programs for sponsorship of primary school leavers to access high school education. However, despite these efforts, we still have a significant number of young people who do not transition to high school education due to lack of school fees and other necessities.

Kandara Education CBO is a Community-Based Organization which was formed with the primary objective of supporting the  needy children in Kandara to achieve their maximum potential by providing them with opportunities for quality education.

The  CBO draws it membership from Kandara Sub-County but also includes  “Friends of Kandara” 

The Objectives

Its Objectives are:

  1. Provide scholarship to needy students from Kandara sub-county.
  2. Provide a forum through which members of the society supporting education of needy children can synergize their ideas and efforts to be more impactful.
  3. To deepen the ‘giving back’ culture of our people and to inculcate the same in our young people.
  4. To help develop structures through which external help to support education in Kandara can be sought.
  5. To organize charity runs for purposes of raising funds to sponsor needy students from Kandara sub-county.
  6. To enhance involvement of the members in community service.
  7. Non-political in nature.